Ella’s Kitchen


Brand Identity

2014 — 2017

at Havas

          Ella’s Kitchen is an organic baby food brand, with operations globally. Famous for its colourful pouches, the brand was created in 2007 by Paul, Ella’s father. It now has the largest market share in the UK baby food sector, with a global turnover of more than $120m annually.

Global website re-design

        In early 2016 I was briefed to re-design the Ella’s UK website, using a modular CMS structure, that could later be rolled out across the rest of the global sites. The company wanted to overhaul their look and feel at a brand level, including exploring how the design style can exist across all mediums consistently.

Weaning guide on the global website

Using a ‘child-like’ not ‘childish’ strategy, the new design is based on the bold and iconic Ella’s baby food pouches, building upon their illustration style to create a fully responsive brand and e-commerce site, introducing a new typeface for body text, a brighter colour palette and modular structure.

View the live site here ︎

Little Veg Lover Campaign

        Ella’s Kitchen launched its biggest campaign to date, ‘Little Veg Lover’ in 2017. I was the sole designer on the brief, leading design on the project from conception, during the design process and client presentations, through to the final delivery of assets and guidelines. The campaign launched in Tesco within 2 months of the initial brief to Havas London.

The brief was to create an identity for the campaign that would appeal to both children (the ultimate target audience) and parents (the audience that actually purchases the product in-store).

Rather than just focusing on selling their products, the campaign was wider reaching, aiming to help parents wean their children onto solid vegetables. The tagline ‘Veg it, switch it, repeat it’ was developed as a simple 3-step summary of the campaign’s aim.

I developed a full set of Campaign and Brand Guidelines for Little Veg Lover, as well as a bank of illustrations that could be used to create limitless combinations of elements.

The document also outlined how this brand should work alongside the Ella’s Kitchen masterbrand, as well as partners such as Tesco and their Baby Club.

The campaign was a great success and is still active 2 years after launch.

Other campaigns

        After Havas London won the Ella’s Kitchen integrated business in 2014, I was the lead designer on the account, working on numerous campaigns for both the UK and global markets, whilst continuing to develop the brand’s visual identity, including creating campaign guidelines.

Bespoke products have been created, such as a recycling bin for the launch of their environmental initiative, which was distributed nationwide. I also created a series of responsive e-mail templates, setting the foundations for the brand’s eCRM newsletters, providing age based weaning tips.

Over the years I illustrated hundreds of new assets across dozens of campaigns, from one-off illustrations like a book cover, to the creation of entire suites of assets for new campaigns.

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