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          Founded in 1995, Audible sells digital audiobooks and podcasts through its website and app. Early on in the company’s existence, they created the first mass-produced digital audio player – six years before the release of the iPod. The company was purchased by Amazon for $300million in 2008.


          The Audible Apes campaign, launched by Fold7 in 2018 set a new tone for the brand. The aim was to highlight the ‘Mindful Moments’ people miss out on as they scroll their lives away on their mobiles, whether that be during their commute, their lunch break or even before bed.

Instead, there is an option that can open your mind to new stories, help you develop as a person and immerse you into completely different worlds to our own.

I was the sole designer for the new OOH campaign, which was rolled out across more than 5,000 different media placements across the UK.

The design of each advert was split into two halves, one showing the “before” – in the form of a notification representing the alerts and notifications we encounter on our mobiles every day. 

The chevron holding shape, inspired by the Audible logo icon, then points towards the antidote to these annoyances. Each headline links to the notification before leading you into a relevant audiobook.

I also created a suite of generic application icons, influenced by well known existing apps, to add a sense of familiarity for the viewer, whilst avoiding any legal infringements.

The campaign also appeared across a selection of motion sites, such as Transvision in a number of London rail hubs. Carefully considered animation helped guide users through the messaging in a clear and seamless way. 

Within days of the intial execution going live, the campaign was featured across multiple social networks, with overwhelmingly positive feedback and engagement with the brand.

The campaign was also featured on DesignTaxi.

Animation: Nick Smith
Creatives: Chris Bennett and David O’Brien 

Copyright 2020