2017 —

A revolutionary product in the beer industry developed and owned by Carlsberg Group. Launched in 2016, re-thinking the way that draught beer is delivered from brewery to glass, keeping it fresh for up to six times longer than steel kegs.

        The draught beer industry has been using steel kegs for 50 years, without any improvements or development to existing technology. Carlsberg spent years re-inventing a new way for draught beer to be delivered to customers.

Since its launch, in markets such as Italy, 90% of Carlsberg products poured in the on-trade now use the technology. It is subsequently now being rolled out globally.

I have been the lead designer on the account, working on everything from the website design to technical documentation and the packaging for each product.

        As a result of the new brand identity being created, I was given the brief to re-design the keg packaging for each of the Draughtmaster products (Modular 20, Flex 20 and the smaller Select 10). Assigning a colour to each product helped ensure customers could locate the correct keg to use in each system quickly.